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'Raves' might seem a boastful title for patient testimonials, though sustainable change is always powerful.

My deep thanks and appreciation to Dr. Ashley and team at The WELL. I came in with chronic joint pain and a desire to get off the numerous meds I was on following a Crohn’s disease diagnosis. I’m pain-free now and off half of my medication. I’m much happier and healthier!
- Martin C.
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I could write a NOVEL about The WELL so I’ll do my best to keep this short and sweet. Dr. Frer has changed my life. I have Hashimoto’s disease, which effects the thyroid, so it impacts every facet of my life—hormones, sleep, energy, focus, digestion, metabolism, complexion, mood … you name it. I’ve seen multiple doctors from (a world class) university hospital, who recommended exercise and meds, and said it would only get worse. I came to Dr. Frer hopeless, lost, frustrated … and fat! She changed my life. She has restored my faith in good medicine and is my go-to resource (along with Dr Lindner) for medical care. She has helped treat my autoimmune disease, my eczema, a stye on my eyelid. She also adjusts my hips, which are misaligned, my perifomis pinches my sciatic nerve and she uses cupping and deep needling—I mean there is no end to what she can treat. I don’t know where I would be without Dr Frer. She’s the best :) I highly recommend her!
- Katie B.
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Dr. Frer is absolutely amazing. After months of going to multiple doctors, she was able to figure out the overall issue with my health in moments. I felt much better after only one session of acupuncture. Also, the staff here is exceptional. Maria helped answer all my insurance questions and took the time to talk with me after sessions. She even followed up our conversion with an article that she found online. Not many office workers would do something like that!!
- Sarita S.
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I am a loyal customer of The WELL. It is a comprehensive practice that has literally changed my life. I went in complaining of joint pain thinking I just needed an adjustment. What I received was a holistic approach to medicine: someone willing to listen to my medical issues and provide an individual treatment plan based on me as an individual. Today I am pain free every day, feeling and looking fit, with energy levels I never dreamed of before. In addition, the entire team is friendly, supportive and helpful. Thank you Dr. Frer and team!
- Evey S.
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Dr. Ashley Frer is amazing. I have always been high strung and unable to relax. With increased stress at home and work, this year has been rough. The stress combined with sluggishness and was becoming unbearable. I went to see Dr. Frer on a friend’s recommendation. Through acupuncture, eating better, and herbal supplements — all recommended by Dr. Frer — I feel much better. My head is much clearer. I’m able to deal with the work and home stress and I’m actually sleeping through the night. The staff at The WELL is friendly and welcoming. I cannot comment on price as my insurance covers my appointments with Dr. Frer.
- Irene A
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