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I’ve been seeing Dr. Ashley for about a month now and couldn’t be happier about the results so far and excited about those to come.  She is the fifth chiropractor/wellness professional I’ve seen since 2006 (including those in DC) and I love her!  I’d never had acupuncture before and totally understand why it’s necessary.  Other chiropractors have asked to see me up to 3x a week initially.  She’s the first to suggest only once a week visit because the acupuncture holds the adjustments longer. She’s also been awesome about helping with other health issues and those I didn’t even know were important.  I completely trust her with my care. Also, Maria at the front desk is super nice and welcoming. Amazing place and staff! They have taken my skin and health to the next level. Dr Ashley knows when something is wrong with just one look at me. Her techniques are better than I’ve ever experienced. I completely trust her with my medical care.
- Tiffany L.
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Dr. Ashley is a incredible doctor! She combines a personal touch while incorporating acupuncture for treatment with the goal of overall wellness. She took the time to actually look at my health history and listened to my concerns. I have been seeing her for treatment for about a month I feel incredible. I immediately felt comfortable knowing she will help me reach my goal of optimal health. Parking is easy, Maria at the front desk is very welcoming and always has a smile on her face. I highly recommend The WELL.
- Nealy S.
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I have been going to The WELL for medical facials with Cristina for about 6 months now. I have had issues with cystic acne for most of my adult life and have finally found something that works.  This is by no means the relaxing spa facial I have had the in the past that did little to nothing for my skin long term.  Cristina will go as deep into extractions with you as you want which is great.  As well after the microdermabrasion treatment that comes with the service you wake up the next morning feel clean and your skin is smoother than ever before.  On top of all that, Cristina is always more than happy to have you stop in for a quick fix should any large problem cyst pop up.
- Amanda D.
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Dr. Ashley Frer is the best! I’ve been seeing Dr. Ashley since the beginning of the year and have been very pleased with my results. I get acupuncture/cupping to get my body balanced and healthy and have seen great results. Honestly I prefer her over seeing any western medicine doc. I’ve referred at least 4 of my friends to her and they all feel the same way. I highly recommend her!
- Susan E.
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I have been a client for a few years now and have always had positive experiences as well as amazing results!!  Cristina’s facial’s are top notch and you leave feeling rejuvenated and glowing.  Her tips on skin care keep you looking fabulous in the interim.  I highly recommend her and am a dedicated and recurring client.  My face loves her. :)
- Beth K.
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