Our Approach

The body is an organic whole. All of our component parts are interconnected, dependent on and restricting each other physiologically, while influencing each other pathologically. The five vital organs act as the core functional units – they are both interrelated and “connected” to every part of the body.

This is why we believe that in order to improve health, we must treat the body as a whole — one unified system where every part affects the whole.

As a professional practice, The WELL does not take the mainstream approach to bettering one’s health. The mainstream doesn’t see this interconnection. We focus on both internal and external wellness, because we know that when you are better on the inside, you look better on the outside.         

We don’t believe one pill can fix everything. We believe in mastering a wide range of treatment techniques and tools for a wide range of patient needs, because every body is unique. We guide our patients to complete wellness, knowing that optimal health is a 24/7 commitment.         

We don’t take this approach for the sake of being different — we aren’t trying to be revolutionaries or innovators. We take this approach because it works. Though we pride ourselves on the ability to resolve our patients’ ailments, the feeling THEY leave with is that “it makes all the difference.” They enter seeking help with a creaky shoulder, achy back or worse, then leave feeling reinvigorated, restored and revived.