WELL-come! to The WELL Chi

“Wellness is a connection of paths: knowledge and action.”  —Joshua Welch

The WELL Chi —  Dr. Ashley Frer Wellness Center is focused on internal and external wellness, utilizing techniques from both Western and Eastern medicine. Clients come for a wide range of treatments, from musculoskeletal to nutritional counseling and from functional medicine to aesthetics.

Our team is well-trained, experienced and believes in the long-term approach that provides solutions instead of temporary cover-ups. We give patients the guidance they need to rebuild their health—both internally and externally.

The Well experience leaves patients feeling energized, healthy and transformed. They leave us feeling well-cared for—and sometimes surprised—with a renewed sense of hope, balance, possibility and positivity.




Patient Focused

This is not a “rabbit hole”—we don’t believe in “packages.” We provide a robust array of services for clients … >>

Holistic Approach

Some wellness centers and doctors focus too much on “covering-up” and too little on addressing the real problem… >>

Skeptics Welcome

This is not smoke and mirrors. We know that deliberate and measured adjustments to one’s body, health … >>

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